Step 1: Join a Team

Join us for a 30 minute class designed to help you discover how God has gifted you to use your gifts to serve others. You will have the opportunity to assess your gifts and learn about the many different ways you can serve and equip our church.

Join A Team is each Sunday at 9:45a and 11:15a.


Step 2: Browse Opportunities


As a Worship Team member, you will be asked to prayerfully and skillfully learn, practice and lead songs in Adult and/or Student services. An audition is required to be a part of our Worship Team.

7 hrs. per month

Video Switcher Operator

As a Video Switcher Operator, you will be asked to control all video elements being shown in our Adult Services and on our live online broadcast. You will be asked to clearly communicate proper camera shots to all camera operators...

7 hrs. per month

Stage Manager

As a Stage Manager, you will be asked to manage all elements and people coming on and off the stage. You will be asked to monitor battery levels for microphones and wireless packs. You will work hand in hand with the Service Producer...

7 hrs. per month

Service Producer

As a Service Producer, you will be asked to oversee the flow of our Adult services by communicating to our various production teams, manage team members by making sure they are in place before services begin, and control the child...

7 hrs. per week

Computer Operator

As a Computer Operator, you will run our presentation computer software that controls all lyrics, videos, and/or sermon graphics shown in our Adult, Students and Kids Services. You will receive training for all of our presentation systems.

7 hrs. per month

Lighting Operator

As a Lighting Operator, you will be asked to run pre-programmed light shows for Adults, Students and Kids services. You will receive training on all of our lighting consoles.

7 hrs. per week

Audio Operator

As an Audio Operator, you will be asked to mix audio for services in Adults, Students or Kids services while managing audio equipment.

7 hrs. per month

Camera Operator

As a Camera Operator, you will be asked to operate a camera under the direction of the Switcher Operator. You will learn to use and be effecient with the live cameras in the Adult Services.

7 hrs. per month

High School Table Host

As a High School Table Host, you will be asked to welcome students and help direct them to appropriate areas, cultivate conversations with students to help them feel included and help set and carry the energy level for the night.

1 hr. per week

Preschool Small Group Teacher/Assistant

As an Preschool Small Group Teacher/Assistant you will be asked to facilitate a small group lesson, teach about Jesus by showing His love through your actions and pray for your group throughout the week.

1 hr. per week


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