A step­-by­-step guide through our vision and
how it relates to your spiritual growth.


Thank you so much for taking time to read the Grow Guide and learn more about your Next Steps here at Revolution. While life as a Christ follower is not easy, it is the most enriching and life changing experience anyone can ever have. Our pastors and staff are dedicated to seeing the Gospel take hold in your life. If at any point along the way you find yourself stuck and needing guidance, please don’t hesitate to ask. It is my utmost joy to see Jesus working in the lives of those He loves and I cannot wait to see what He has in store for you.

Pastor Jason


Only God can make something grow, therefore, the first step in your growth is a relationship with Him. The Bible says that we are incapable of making ourselves righteous and must receive salvation through faith in Jesus and His finished work on the cross (Romans 3:10 -12 & 22). Once we were dead in our sins, but through His grace, the Holy Spirit made us alive in Christ and now the gospel is planted in us.

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Trust Jesus

It is our desire for every person to trust and grow as a disciple. When we repent of our sin and confess our need for Christ, then we will receive the Holy Spirit and be born again (Romans 10:9-10, 13). A New Believer's Course is offered to help you answer the question, "I just trusted Jesus, now what?"



It is our desire for every person to be baptized as a believer. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward commitment. A Pre-Baptism Class is offered prior to Baptism.

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Welcome Lunch

New to our church? Come have a meal on us. Ask questions in a safe environment while you get to know our staff and learn more about our vision and values.

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God not only saved us from sin and death, but He saved us to life and community. Your next step is to develop relational roots within our church body. God created the church to be a family, where believers can develop biblical relationships and be rooted in community (A​cts 2:42)​. Relationships are hard and messy, but are crucial to growth because they keep us planted in the truth of the Gospel and teach us to love one another.

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Groups are made up of 10 to 12 people that meet together on a regular basis, serve their community together and grow together.

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Gifts and Serving

A class designed to show you how God has gifted you and discover ways in which you can use your gifts in the church.

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After attending our Gifts and Serving Class, you will have the opportunity to join a team. Serving on a team is a way for you to use your gifts to equip our church to accomplish our vision.



As the Gospel takes root in your life, you begin to mature and grow. You begin to obey the commands of Jesus, not to be saved, but because you are saved. You obey God because you love God and through obedience the Holy Spirit produces fruit in your life (John 14:15). The Gospel now motivates you to learn, study and practice spiritual disciplines in order to better equip you to be a better spiritual leader in your home, church and community.

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Make Revolution your church home by committing to steward our vision and values. As you covenant with us, our church family covenants with you in order to help you continue to grow.

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Conferences and Studies

Events that are designed to teach, equip and encourage you in how to grow in obedience.


Personal Disciplines

Bible study, prayer, fasting and stewardship are all essential to your growth. Through practicing these disciplines, you will begin to see the fruit of the Spirit in your life.

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At this point in the growth process, the Gospel is planted firmly in your life. You have relational roots that keep you grounded and you are continuing to mature. Your next step is share the fruit that the Holy Spirit is producing in you. Jesus ultimately saved you to join Him in the mission of making disciples (Mt. 28:19). He wants you to reproduce in others what has happened in you. Disciples are reproduced as you do good works in the world through serving your neighbors and sharing your faith.

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Live On Mission

We are actively reaching Beyond These Walls to share the Gospel. Our outreach is motivated out of love for Christ and a desire for others to know Him. We don't do missions, but rather live on mission.


Cultural Restoration

The Gospel not only relieves, but completely restores. Our church seeks to partner with other organizations that share the same vision to serve our community and communities around the world.



Our goal is to be a church that multiplies. We do this by reproducing leaders, artists, campuses and church plants.

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