David's Story

    My name is David Stein and this is my story...I was born and raised Jewish, but my parents…who were awesome parents, but they didn’t tell us anything about God. Our holiday dinner conversations were about how everybody hates us. Don’t forget everybody hates us. Now, enjoy your dinner. That’s the way it was. Growing up, I was beat up on the school bus for being Jewish and after I was bar mitzvahed, that was the last time I ever set foot in a synagogue for the next 30 years. At that time, as a young adolescent, I began on a path of looking and doing things that I shouldn’t, which led me to seeing women as something for my pleasure. And for much of my life, I struggled with finding my identity.
    In February of 2004, my wife had decided that was the end of our marriage. As I was laying there in agony on the floor of my closet wondering how I’d become an internet addicted, philandering, pot-smoking, alcoholic, it was at that moment that I felt a presence pick me up off the floor. To say that I experienced something like that was very unlike me, but in that instant my desire to drink and do drugs was completely gone. It was as if that had been taken away from me, but I still thought that somehow I’d fixed that part of my life on my own.  
    I was still on the path of divorce, but I wasn’t drinking. My health and career had turned around and I began to wonder, “Is there a God and did He have anything to do with the previous 45 years of my life…especially the last 2 years?” I decided to go to the only place I could think of to get answers. That place was the synagogue. So I went, but all I found was the very same ritualistic traditions that were cold. I left there very confused.
    The next day, I called a therapist who had gotten me through the end of my first marriage. I told her that I had went back to the synagogue and I didn’t find God. She stopped the conversation right there by saying to me “That’s ok David. You just didn’t find Him there.” She then preceded to tell me, for the first time, who Jesus is. She told me that He had died for me and that if I repent of my sins (and I had a lot of them) that I could be saved. She told me that I could have a relationship with a God who loves me and who would never leave me. So, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and in that moment, God revealed who had picked me up off that closet floor 2 1/2 years earlier.
    In 2010, I went to a men’s conference and the message was “Ours is a God of Second Chances” and one month later, I met my wife Leanna. Only God could have planned this, where we live out our marriage on the radio. We believe God has us where He wants us for this season of life. A little while ago, Leanna said to me that God had prepared me in my secular life as a radio talk show host to now be in the same field, but only glorifying Him and talking about Jesus while lifting up marriage. At this point in our lives, we feel that we don’t want to waist anymore time. Whether it’s in our neighborhood, in our church, at the super market, or on the radio, we want to tell people about Jesus. That is what excites us because He is a redeemer! He is a restorer! He is a rescuer!


So, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and in that moment and God revealed who had picked me up off that closet floor 2 1/2 years earlier...

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